Information systems are a key part to any business, essential to achieve better results, boost processes and streamline costs. These factors drive productivity and can be maximized by combining and reengineering processes with successful implementation of software solutions. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and so can be the systems and processes, boosting adoption with mobility and bridging the physical to the virtual world.

Truewind reengineers processes by creating and operating the software solutions that enable them. Linking new solutions with existing systems, Truewind is able to leverage installed investments with new ones, in modern architectures and with new and easy to use interfaces. Truewind's goal is to support the Client in the transition from regarding software as a mandatory cost to regarding it as an asset that unlocks business information and interactions that should be fully explored.

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    Systems of Engagement

  • Business Process Management
  • Business Portals
  • Mobility
José de Mello-Saúde

Truewind enabled a new online relationship with clients, extending the physical relationship through an online personal area and an App, simplifying processes for clients and enabling a natural and intuitive appointment scheduling.


Truewind supports BMW Portugal technological operation, using multiple systems to promote, legalize and deliver more than 10.000 cars annually.

Client service is a key demand in every organization. This challenge requires innovative strategies to reengineer processes that enable a new proximity with the client.

Truewind’s experience in conceiving digital strategies unlocks better results when implementing self-service portals for clients, partners and suppliers, accelerating processes and creating new differentiators.

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    Corporate Performance

  • Data Consolidation Management
  • Business Dashboards
  • Data Flows
EDP Renováveis

EDP Renewables is a global leader in wind and solar energy. Truewind developed Tornado, a corporate performance system that simplifies the analysis of the company performance over 11 countries.

Decisions based on outdated, dispersed information may be difficult, subjective and disconnected from the reality, causing unforeseen impacts to the organization.

Truewind will help to make sense and leverage existing information, trapped in silos across the organization, ensuring a unified and verifiable consolidation of information through a common view, leveraging existing tools and knowledge like Excel to unlock the information.

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    User Experience

  • Application Performance
  • Game Mechanics
  • Usability

Santogal is a car dealer that promots over twenty brands in about thirty shops. Truewind optimized Santogal's web presence creating a global client self-service experience.

Açoreana Seguros

Açoreana is a leading Portuguese insurance company. Truewind optimized the daily experience of clients, agents and partners, improving productivity.

Clients and workers always demanded more and better features, but now will not settle with anything less than a natural and intuitive experience.

Truewind conceives, audits and optimizes, both from a visual and usability standpoint and also from a technical performance standpoint, systems and processes, actively finding opportunities to improve user adoption.

Motivational approaches (gamification, design thinking, human centered design) are key for transforming users into fans and, where appropriate, are embedded into developed solutions, creating the stimuli for users to embrace change and adhere to new processes and systems.


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